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More on why we formed
« on: January 05, 2018, 08:16:25 PM »
Where We Stand

For some reason no matter what action "us" as free citizens with desires to create a viable alliance of free people, and to choose to improve the lives of all people; we are often asked what their views are on topics that are not even related to those choices.
Oddly enough polar opposite, groups and entities in this country all feel the need to proclaim they support their cause but are also boastful in their desires to ensure the country is also aware of what the do not stand for?

Here are a few examples, Oregon Firearms Federation, the draftee of these contents is not identified, but was found on their approval on their website: http://www.oregonfirearms.org/progressive-logic Where there is discussions on 10/26/14

Richardson opposed abortion and same sex marriage. Two issues that are as likely to come up in a legislature controlled by pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage Democrats as issuing concealed handgun licenses to visitors from Neptune. And two issues Richardson hasn’t even defended in his race.

Oregon Firearms Federation appears to also say:
of both of them that they are not issues because “the people have spoken” when in fact in Oregon, when the people spoke, they said “no” to same sex marriage. It was “decided” by the courts when our own liberal Democrat Attorney General refused to defend the law the voters had approved. But even that wasn’t enough for WW to back off of their endorsement for someone they themselves call a crook.
Now folks It doesn't take a brain surgeon or even a tree surgeon to guess the intent of these drafters at this so called Gun Rights group is was not just Firearms but to also address other rights that have nothing to do with protecting Gun Rights.
 The sad thing is going back to the inception of the Internet one can find Pro-Gun groups discussing topic they should not be, and at times projecting their groups " other non-related"  ideology far out of context of their non-profit goals.

Now don't get me wrong, I oppose any group that decides they will use their platform to fornicate their political views over what they are accepting publicly funded moneys for.
If You are PITA, NAACP, GreenPeace, any; pro-gun group or anti-gun group that does this is lying and cheating their followers in our opinions. Imagine if the SPCA who is a animal rescue and help organization decided to tell us how they feel about guns or gay marriage ? Most average Americans would shake their heads and ask what qualifies them to take money from the public then preach their own political views on behalf of an Organization that is not founded nor publicly supports that ideology, well is insanity at its finest and sadly used by many. 

So what does the United States Firearms Alliance stand for?
We give an unadulterated support for the legal possessions of firearms to those who use them safety and lawfully within the confines of the law. We do see the Constitution as a tool granting these rights, but not unconditionally as many would like. We do not condone a person that is found to be harmful to themselves or others and suffering a degree of mental illness as the cause to have these right unconditionally. Why we do find that all responsible adults should have the right to purchase and own a firearm, we stand by the conviction that training of competence has to be ensured for a safe and reliable use of these rights. They should not be infringed, but also should not be abused.
The NRA and most pro-Gun lobbyist see " Shall Not Be Infringed " as meaning with out any imitations. There was a time when Children and adults were taught firearms safety and responsibility in our schools as well as a majority in Military service. However there is no such training in schools and, not since the Cold War and the Vietnam War have we have a huge area of the population trained in firearms safety and responsibility thru military service.  Something that can be seen in our culture today the lack of clear understanding of the abilities of a firearm and the destruction in the untrained hands.

This is where we stand on the issues.


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