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Title: USFA Forum Code of Conduct ( CoC ) Update 1/7/2018
Post by: USFA-ADMIN on January 07, 2018, 04:17:50 PM
Code Of Conduct

USFA Forum Code of Conduct ( CoC ) Update 1/7/2018

We want to make the USFA forums a positive environment for you to discuss firarms related topics, and to give us your feedback on the forum.

To facilitate this, we ask that all members of the forums follow a set of guidelines known as the USFA Forum Code of Conduct; or CoC for short.

Please remember that your fellow players and forum users should always be treated with respect, without exception. If you take anything away from reading the CoC, it should be this.

The best way for us to improve the experience for everyone on the forums, and in the discussions, is for us all to be able to reach mutual understanding. That doesnít mean weíll always agree, and it doesnít mean weíll always achieve a compromise, but it does mean that we have a better chance of understanding what everyone wants from their rights and and why.

We wonít always agree with each other, and thatís okay!

Respecting your fellow forum users.
Discrimination and Slurs based on Race, Ethnicity, Sexuality, Gender or Gender Identity
We want the USFA forums to be a welcoming place for everyone, this means that discriminatory slurs both clear and masked in words or images are not appropriate, ever !!

Members of our forums should feel safe to express their thoughts and opinions about the game, and to do so without fear or intimidation. To this end, any threat of physical harm toward another forum user will not be tolerated. We have created a anonymous section where free thinking can be discussed in reasonable safety, however specific staff can identify by software who is who.

Harassing or Defamatory Content
For the same reason, harassing, bullying or defamatory content will also not be tolerated. Throwing around insults or targeting individuals or groups with malice has a negative effect on everyoneís experience in the forums. Harassment takes many forms, if we believe that there is an intent to bully other forum users or make them feel uncomfortable in this environment, action will be taken. This is also not a place for your non-firearms related political agenda, doing so will have consequesces.

Obscene / Vulgar or Inappropriate Language and/or Images
Some people are comfortable with all kinds of colorful language and images, others are not. We ask that our forum members remember to treat each other with courtesy and respect, and remember we do not all have the same expectations when it comes to what is acceptable. Remember that if you canít make your point without using vulgar language, you probably donít have a point at all. We will enact a filter if needed at our descretion.

Politics, Religion, and Sexual Content
Politics, religion and sex can be fascinating subjects to discuss and debate, and as such there are many places online where people engage with these topics. The USFA forums are not one of those places, if you want to talk about these topics we recommend you find a more appropriate venue place to discuss anything other then firearms rights, ideas and concerns.

Spamming, Trolling, or Topic Bumping
These forums are an excellent tool for us to collect feedback and keep up with issues that are important to the community. Being intentionally disruptive, derailing threads, creating threads meant to act as Ďvotesí or petitions instead of discussion points and creating posts or threads intended to cause unrest in the forums are not behaviors conducive to this goal. This includes, but is not limited to, bumping threads (except for clan or legion recruitment) and posting memetic images or phrases that add nothing to the discussion.

Respecting the forum environment.

Community Managers & other USFA Staff
The most frequent staff members you will see posting on the forums are the community managers and moderators. We enforce the CoC and respond to threads and posts, whether it is to address an issue or simply having fun and helping others.

If you donít see us responding, it isnít because we are ignoring you. Sometimes we donít have a good answer, or we are looking for an answer or we cannot comment on the issue at the time.

We also have other work we have to do that isnít on the forums so if you donít see us around, we are working on something else for you to help preserve your rights.

Impersonating an USFA Employee or Staff Member.
Working for
USFA is cool. Passing yourself off as an USFA employee or staff is not. If you want to work for or volunteer you can apply here.

Circumventing a Suspension / Ban
To maintain the environment of the forums, itís absolutely necessary that the moderators can do their jobs effectively. To facilitate this, any discussion of disciplinary action or moderation is not allowed, and circumventing suspensions by posting on another account or having another user post on your behalf is also not allowed. This includes posting any chat logs or email correspondence between a Guest-member, and a Full Member(GM), moderator, administrator, or any member of
USFA staff, we work to ensure privacy at all times.

In addition, abusing the report feature makes it more difficult for moderators to maintain the environment of the forums and as such will result in disciplinary action or removal of membership.

Creating Duplicate Threads
Forums can be a great platform for open discussions, and we want all the people interested in a topic to be able to engage with it in a meaningful way. One way to facilitate this is to use the search feature before creating a new thread. You can imagine what would happen to the forums if everyone created their own thread for every popular topic. The term is know as flooding where a person will post their agenda over and over to be heard this is not tolerated, however healthy debates are encouraged.

If all comments about a particular issue are in one place, it makes it much easier for us to collate and act on any feedback. Creating multiple threads on the same topic does not make it more likely that your post will be seen, it does make it more likely you will irritate and confuse your fellow forum users. If a user creates multiple threads with the intention of drawing attention away from other threads, disciplinary action will be taken.

This general rule also applies to abuse of formatting options, or any other manner of attempt to artificially draw attention to any post.

Be Smart

Distribution of Real-Life Personal Information
USFA forums are a place for the discussion of firearms, safety and education . However posting your address, email, phone numbers is not allowed and will result in disaplinary action, or account removal and or closed membership.

Real Money Trading, Account Sharing and Selling
We canít allow real money trading, bartering or advertising for account sharing on the forums. Selling anything for real money, be it digital items, services or physical products is not allowed, bitcoin etc.

Illegal Activities
USFA forums are not a place for discussing illegal activity, and you may not violate any local, state, national or international laws or regulations. We recommend you donít violate these laws anywhere at all, ever. Discussions of militia and group forming is also not allowed.

USFA forums are not to be used for advertising non beneficial, non-Blade and Soul, non-Aion or non-Lineage II related businesses, organizations, or websites.

Small Print Read Please.

The USFA forums are a private message forum administered by USFA . USFA reserves the right to edit or remove any message board post or other content at will without notice for any reason. Posting privileges are provided as a courtesy that can be rescinded at any time, at our sole discretion. By using the forums, you agree that USFA has a royalty-free, worldwide license to your posted text, graphics or other content for its business purposes.

You must be over 18 to use or become a member of USFA and its forums. Your forum account is linked to your membership account. If you are banned from the forum, you will not be able to use your membership as it will be void. You are responsible for adhering to not only the forum rules of conduct but also the Member User Agreement, Forum Agreement or Conduct Agreement, depending on which forum you are participating in, and the applicable Rules of Conduct. If your forum posting privileges are suspended or banned, your membership account will be reviewed and may be subject to further action. USFA reserves the right to suspend your access to these forums at any time for reasons that include, but are not limited to, your failure to abide by this Code of Conduct and membership guidelines.

USFA and its Community Team reserve the right to evaluate each incident on a case by case basis, and have full discretion when addressing any behavior that they determine is inappropriate. Any finalized decision may be based on the offending posters full history on the membership conduct as applicable. Should you wish to discuss any disciplinary measures against your account or report a violation, you can email: contactus@unitedstatesfirearms.com

Fees and Member payments. **
In the event your conduct as a member or guest member or both on our forums or memberships activity violated the CoC or any United States Firearms Alliance membership agreements or activity and or any violation by you of a felony  violation of USA laws that having said membership could refect poorly on us we have the right to dismiss as we see needed. We will review any membership and determine if refund is possible and what condictions lead to this dimissal and or conduct of the member. However All fees paid are non-refundable and only under unique circumstances are any refunds issued.

Thank you for your time
Thank you for taking the time to read the CoC! The
USFA forums should always be treated as environments where everyone can feel comfortable. This CoC is intended to be a set of guidelines that help create and maintain those environments, not a definitive list of every eventuality we may need to take action on.

If youíre unsure how these guidelines affect you, please email any questions to: Contactus@unitedstatedfirearms.com

Date of this CoC, supersedes and other agreement to date, all other versions of any prior agreements are transferred as a full paid member and or guest member you understand the date of the CoC is the standard for past and current CoC.

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