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Who Are We ?
« on: January 05, 2018, 08:27:48 PM »
So this is where we are supposed to explain who are we ?
That usually leads to explaining what we do and where we do it.

First, USFA is unlike any group or entity you have heard of.
We do not pick political sides or get involved in squabbles among Pro-Gun and Anti-Gun groups.
We are the first and only Alliance for all persons. Whether you own firearms or hate them it is crucial we as a people and a citizenry to find a common ground of civil discussion. So why we will push to preserve firearms rights we need to allow discussions in logical non-harmful way.
So we are, you. We are men women and all cultures, sexual orientations, race creed and religions.
We exist because there is a need for us to do so. The last word in our name is Alliance. That means we work with all thoughts and points of view. 

Our point of views. 

All gun owners for the most part that support the NRA do so for the same reason Anti-Gunners join EveryTown they do so to get their own political agenda heard , and will( in our opinion) lie cheat and steal in our opinion to win a battle.  USFA is sick of America being torn apart by people that really could care less about us and only want your cash from you. Do we survive by finances of course but we are here to stop the lies and manipulation by the left and right side radicals.

Ask your selves this simple question as you sit here reading about whom we are. When was the last time a organizations you support did what you asked them to? And when you ask for support on the issues, their reaction is to ask for more money to save your rights what ever they are they could care less and just want your cash.

So the next questions is well, how can an Alliance serve all people ?
Well believe it or not that's a very easy answer, you do so having open dialog 
and allowing all voices to be heard even if you disagree. Over 200 years ago
a large group of men that disagreed mostly with each other sat down and drafted our Constitution, and later our Bill of Rights. Are we less civilized then we were 200 years ago?

The left would have you believe the Constitution and those who wrote it are old and out of date, yet they can not be civil in 2018 and discuss any pro-gun agenda so whom is uncivilized? The right is no better, they think that the men who wrote the Constitution, were wise and smart men, yet today perhaps the right is not as smart as they were back then, for they can not discuss anything today without liberal hate and propaganda and want certain civil rights suspended such as Gay rights etc.. And yet the left sinks to the same level of knuckle dragging politics and name calling. The end result is they both are blinded by their own ignorance, anger and self entitled buracratic nonsense.

Well join with us and that stops now.   
Let us join in this Alliance and form a condition that has not been seen In this modern age. We will help educate, provide safety and learning how owning a firearms. We will help all people have a safe place to discuss in a neutral and in some areas anonymously, so one can be reasonably safe in discussing what they are concerned about.
Our extensive knowledge base will compile years of research and information to help educate, not brain wash but inform and build unity in what we can find in common.

We We Are.....we are seekers of peace in a society that has lost its way to understanding that meaning.


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